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Lightbulb square black ombre


Try something different than the “standard” bright color lighting.

This blue-ombre square bulb lamp has an angular design with curvy edges. The lamp has a height of 20.3 cm and will certainly stand out in your interior. Combine the ball lamp square with the other blue-ombre models that can be found on our webshop and create a real eye-catcher in your home.

This square lamp is also available in pink, green and black-ombre.

These LED light sources have +/- 25,000 burning hours and use only 4W, so very economical. In addition, they are well dimmable so you can set them brightly or dim them well when you have a dinner or date night. With our dimmable LED light sources you can quickly create the right atmosphere. The color of the glass has no influence on the light. This lamp provides attractive, warm white light.

Out of stock